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rawring's my favorite :3

POKEMON! :D The 5th one isn’t the final version —- I actually forgot to take a picture of it when I completed it… and I no longer have it because I gave it to my BEST FRAAAAAHND EVAR, Steph (@so_crispy). The final version ISN’T completely filled…because my marker ran out & everyone who saw my piece thought it looked better incomplete. LOL :D

Theme of this assignment was — ALL OVER COMPOSITION! We had to do a repeated pattern on an 18x24 —only using black, white & gray. I used Prismacolor markers & a #2 pencil (for tracing).  This was done back in April.

I basically traced 20+ pokemon with tracing paper…and then stenciled them onto the 18x24. I really didn’t use a pattern, I just stenciled them wherever it looked necessary. LOL 

Don’t ask me WHYY I used Pokemon —- It seemed like a good idea…until I actually had to execute it (I also had a bad habit of NOT doing my assignments until the NIGHT before..) This took me FOREVERRRR. I actually started this at 6pm. . and I didn’t finish until about 3am. Whatever, my class loved it. LOL

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    one of my pieces from last semester’s drawing I class… Yes, I used Pokemon for this assignment. Yes, I guarantee 1000%...
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